Collection: Glaze

Dixie Belle Glazes are like the artist's secret tool for creating enchanting decorative finishes on your projects. These luminous, water-based colors open the door to a world of artistic possibilities, allowing you to stipple, burnish, age, and color wash with finesse. With these glazes, you can effortlessly infuse depth and dimension into your creations, achieving unique faux finishes that breathe life into your work. The versatility of Dixie Belle Glazes knows no bounds; they can be intermixed or layered to craft your very own, one-of-a-kind colors. To use, apply a Dixie Belle paint product and let it dry. Then, take a Dixie Belle brush, such as the French Tip or Premium Chip Brush, or a lint-free cloth, and apply the glaze in small sections. Wipe away excess glaze or add more as needed, customizing your piece to perfection. Whether you're working on a clean, unpainted surface, a Dixie Belle painted surface (from any of our three lines of paint), or a clear-coated surface, the glazes work their magic. With a splendid spectrum of eight colors at your disposal, your creative journey awaits.